Chico Alcohol Policy Workshop

The City of Chico in partnership with Butte County Department of Behavioral Health hosted a workshop on Community Alcohol Policy: Solutions to a Better Chico. The Chico Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Chico Business Association were both in support of this event. The workshop provided the following information:

  • The economic, social and public health impact of alcohol and alcohol related problems
  • in the City of Chico.
  • Evidence based strategies to reduce alcohol related community issues which includes a
  • comprehensive approach involving multiple community sectors.
  • Effective community policies or city ordinance(s) that will create a lasting change and
  • provide cost recovery.

Background Information

In the year 2012 Chico alcohol related crime incidents totaled 1,639. Alcohol-related arrests account for approximately 35% of the Police Department’s arrests. Local rates of underage drinking are higher than those for the state of California or the nation as a whole. Chico currently has an oversaturation of alcohol licenses based on the California Alcohol Beverage Control established numbers derived from the census tract for each geographical area. In a Enloe Medical Center Community Health Survey the second ranked “Risky Behavior” facing our community was Alcohol Use. In 2013 California State University Chico held Community and Campus “Call To Action” meetings to create action to solve the safety and alcohol issues among its students on campus and within the community. A small work group was formed by a
recommendation from the Chico Internal Affairs Committee which includes local business owners, restaurants and bars, community leaders, property owners, prevention practitioners, law enforcement and the college community. This workshop is a result of that workgroup.


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Check out our Staffs Blogs!
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